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Creation of a digital banking mobile application and platform for the African diaspora.

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What does Yewou mean? The awakening.
The mission of Yewou is to bring real solutions to diasporas who want to support their families living back home in an honest and reliable way. I created the brand identity, worked on the website and the native IOS and Android application.

Challenges / Thinking along the project:
- When I started working with Yewou, it was originally a crowdfunding platform, it now has evolved into a market place and a digital banking application for African diaspora.
- Working in a startup environment, requires from the team flexibility and a strong communication.
- The market and the users are constantly evolving and so did the project.


Discovery and Research:
I did user and product research, studied the usability and user interface of competitors to define the pros and cons. I identified 2 types of user experience and each type has its own pain points →
For diaspora who are sending money overseas:
- Costly transfer fees.
- Multiple obstacles are encountered when investing in their home countries.
For the money receivers:
- Users now use their mobile phones to send and withdraw money. Currently the process is outdated and not aligned with the users expectations and actions.
- Most diaspora’s native countries, particularly African ones, lack funds.



During the process of creation we defined and prioritized the digital roadmap (identify the long and short term digital initiatives).
I first worked on a high level app architecture to help us visualize the needs. When the team was aligned, I focused on the content of each screen and created an app workflow that allowed the team to understand the hierarchy and make notes.

Flow outline


Flow architecture


Flow diagram


High-fidelity wireframes and prototype:
Once the wireframes were ready we animated a work group to see how they felt about the app and usability. After a few iterations the IOS and Android development team started working on the prototypes.



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