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Redesign of the Hatchimals website.

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Competitors and website analyse:
In the redesign of this project, I first focused on the user research. The most difficult thing was to see things through kids eyes. Kids and adults don't have the same behaviors when using the Internet. Kids need to be engaged right away, with minimal text, short and meaningful words, big buttons and clear iconography and most importantly need to have fun. After analyzing the competitors and the Hatchimals world heavy in code, I was more aware of what the end product might look like. I started working on the structure websites. Legally you can’t sell products on kids website so we created two different websites: one for the kids and an other one for the adults

Navigation proposal:


When the structure and the wording were ready, I started working on the wireframes low and mid-fidelity. Once the most important screens were done on desktop and mobile, with the brand and design teams, we realized something was missing but we couldn't put a finger on it. I went back to the research with a focus on child behavior, what might they expect from the website and how do they want to interact with it? We needed to see things from a different point of view. Questioning ourselves lead us to the solution. As mentioned previously child behavior is completely different from that of an adult or even a teenager. Most of the time they interact while they are watching TV ( probably a web episode of their favorite toys ). The website needs to feel more like an application and less like an actual website. We needed to break the old kids website code and bring more mobile interaction. Nowadays kids are use to navigating on applications, it’s completely intuitive. In all, the navigation has been completely revisited, as well as the interaction.


Component guide and user interface design:
I then focused on the UI portion of the website, creating an inclusive and UI friendly product. Creating a color safe web palette was our biggest challenge, as the Hatchimals is a very colorful brand. The redesign of the Hatchimal took the team 5 months. The website is now user friendly with a promising engagement from both users, the children and adults. We will monitor the users activity and make the necessary adjustments based on their on behavioral patterns.



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