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Bayer Agriculture


Early in 2017, (France) decided to enhance the experience of their website. They wanted to add new features to help farmers in their day-to-day life and make it easy to find information.

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Client guideline
Stakeholders assumptions
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Challenges / Thinking along the project:
- Early 2017, (France) required to create a more dynamic and friendly website with new features to enhance the users experience. End of 2017, Bayer Corporation renewed their brand identity with more color, new fonts , iconography and different way of showing visuals. Everything that was made before that time is now out of date visually speaking.
- Reorganize the content and make it clearer for the user to avoid the frustration of not being able to find what they're looking for.
- Work with the new guidelines and create all the components in a short amount of time.

When I started working on this project, one of my tasks was to create a social platform for the farmer in order to create a more human-centered environnement. BayerAgri provided us with some data about the farmers but most of the time we had to make assumptions and research to be able to understand the farmer needs and expectations.

First round:
With the project manager we prioritized the elements in the content inventory and determined how to display the most important elements prominently. Once this part was validated on the client side I started working on the mid and high fidelity wireframes. The first wireframes and user interface were more in line with the old Bayer Agriculture tone. The structure was more corporate and newspaper inspirational.


Second round:

For the second round of the new, we worked with a mobile-first approach. I worked on the DSM and high-fidelity wireframes. Since day one on this project I worked closely with the dev team, which allowed me to avoid developing incompatible interactions due to developpement constraints.
Because trust was previously built between the stakeholders and the team this part of the validation project went faster than expected. With the dev team we decided to use Zeplin as a tool for all the handoff.


Working on this project was such a pleasure. The communication between the stakeholders and the team was great and efficient. Working with an open-minded dev team is one of the most amazing thing for a ux-ui designer. Being able to communicate with them and challenge ourselves on both side is a learning lesson that I wish all designer can experience.


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